March 2015

Snow, cheese and Princess Bobbalina. 

March really was a month of two halves.

Shooting for Winter Cabin Cooking was in full swing. This book really has me SO excited and I loved every second of writing and shooting it. Recreating a chalet in my living room was not perhaps the easiest thing I have ever done, though we did some epic fake snow creations and the results are astounding. My lovely Nassima (photographer extraordinaire) and Polly noodle my sister genius props wizard excelled themselves and Lo, the Alps came to Balham.

As it was early March we kept hoping for the real deal, to wake one morning to a sparkling whiteness of crisp fresh snow. It was not to be sadly, so we hatched a cunning plan. We moved the last 3 days of the shoot to the Swiss Alps where we were due to start a family holiday the moment we finished shooting.

To be on location for a mountain book, with access to all the amazing cheese and scenery we could want. The snow worked its magic and the book was complete. I cannot wait to share it with you! Watch this space!





The second half of March (and lets face it, pretty much every second since then) was about one thing and one thing only. I coerced my husband into getting a puppy!!! Not just any puppy, oh no! My Bobbie, Princess Bobbalina or Bob (as in Kate) is a hugemogous girl of bizarre parentage. Half standard Poodle, half Doberman Rottwieller. Don't ask!

I fell in love instantly and she has been taking centre stage ever since. Bobs is a dreamy scatterbrained pup with a very naughty streak. Not that I could possibly have foretold that when I picked up this innocent looking bundle of curls.

Apologies for too many Bobbie pics but I just couldn't decide on one!!