April 2015

Skiing, Easter, Bobbie and Books!

The end of shooting was followed by a wonderful week skiing in my most favourite of places in the Swiss Alps. A tiny village where you can have an entire mountain to yourself for hours at a time.

Replete with cheese and wine I came back home to celebrate a wonderful Easter with my family. The highlight of which is always The Egg. This egg comes from Arbois, in the Jura. It is made by Monseiur Hersinger http://www.chocolat-hirsinger.com/ a true genius when it comes to all things chocolate and confectionary. The egg in question is a hand made shell of praline, hiding inside it the most delectable chocolate and marzipan morsels.


The week after Easter I went to collect my little Bobbalina!! Looking at the lolloping hound she has become I can't believe she was ever small enough to pick up!

One of her first outings was to come with me to shoot the food for talented and lovely Donal Skehan's new book, Fresh.

Full on and furious paced we managed a whopping 10 shots a day... well near enough! It was the first time Donal and I had worked together on a shoot, although I know him well from my days on delicious. And what a fabulous time we had! Giggles, near tears, hysteria, giggles again and lots and lots of glorious food!

Here is a little Vlog that Donal took whilst we were shooting....