I love planning the visuals and styling for shoots and letting my creativity run wild. Sometimes is its simple and beautiful and others the feature demands some thing a bit more exuberant. Here are a few examples of some of my favourites.


Baking in miniature

I wanted to really bring out the fun in baking and loved the idea of playing with scale and size, making the food a playground for miniature people and their daily lives.

Styling : Polly Webb-Wilson; Food: Lucy O'Reily; Photography: Kate Whitaker

Brassica Mafia and Underground Superheroes

Part of a series of features I wrote where i wanted to highlight the importance of veg in a fun and different way. Brassicas come in so many shapes and guises, they are everywhere, even those veg we don't suspect to be part of the brassica family are actually related. From this was born the idea of the Brassica Mafia, a group of veg that rule the roost. The superheroes were born from the idea that root veg is normal, mundane, we all eat it and love it but don't consider it special or exciting, but underneath they have their own superhero personas, where they come into their own and shine as the centre of some fantastic dishes. The every day onion becomes the Alium Avenger. I wanted the look and styling to reflect the fun of the features. The brassicas as 40's mobsters and the superheroes straight from the pages of Marvel's comic books.

Styling: Polly Webb-Wilson; Food: Lizzie Kamenetzky; Photography; Laura Edwards;

Styling: Tamzin Ferdinando; Food: Lizzie Kamenetzky; Photography; Toby Scott

Mad Hatter's tea party

I wanted to create a really fantastical but grown up mad hatter's tea party. It has been done so many times that i wanted this one to be really special, including the white rabbit! Size was important here in a different way, to create that classically Alice illusion.

Styling: Polly Webb-Wilson; Food: Becks Smith; Photography: Maja Smend

The night before Christmas

Christmas is the most magical time of year and I wanted the excitement and childhood joy to be apparent in this feature. Inspired by my old Roald Dahl cookbook, where Quentin Blake's drawings are part of the recipe images. This was a hard feature to pull off, having to shoot on a white background with templates of the drawings for scale and angle but the effort produced a really unusual and fantasical feature.

Drawings; Polly Webb-WIlson: Food; Lucy McKelvie; Photography; Kate Whitaker