May 2015

Tales of Isles and seafood, of bluebells and builders.

Farningham woods in May

Farningham woods in May

May was a luscious month, the sun shone and the bluebells in the woods shimmered and danced. Early may was a long weekend to the heavenly Isle of Wight with some lovely friends and my god daughter TIggy. Long dog walks to seafood lunches, lots and lots of rosé and visits to pubs around and about. I think that is my perfect idea of a holiday. It was a bit too cold to swim but that didn't deter the Bobbalina from dipping her toes on her first ever trip to the seaside.


May was also the month that we started the building works on our London flat. What started as a simple "lets just do a loft conversion" kind of job turned into a full on renovation complete with new kitchen, removal of chimneys, a roof terrace, new windows, floors and bathroom not to mention redecoration. I feel we may have bitten off a little more than we can chew. So mid May saw the whole flat being packed up into boxes. I had failed miserably to sort through anything before the movers came which has led to things like a box that is actually labelled "cupboard of crap" going into storage and the bulk of the flat being removed down to my long suffering parents in Kent. We are taking over their barn for the duration of the summer (and as it turns out most of the autumn too but that is still to come). 

It was quite something to see my poor roof ripped apart ready for the new and, what will hopefully be very beautiful, bedroom!