lunch from an empty fridge

Proof reading is hungry work! Im SO excited to have proofs of my new book, The Bountiful Kitchen - a book devoted to the wonders of leftovers and all things simple and joyful that come with a fridge full of bits - on my desk today!!

It seems fitting then that when i open my fridge there is bugger all inside. Not to be defeated i invented this little number with nothing more than a couple of store cupboard items a blob of mayo and some lettuce.

This is honestly one of the yummiest things i have eaten for ages!

fridge raid rice

fridge raid rice



125g basmati rice

good dollop mayonnaise

tin of good tuna in olive oil, mosty drained and flaked with a fork

1/2 baby gem lettuce, shredded

Cook the rice in plenty of boiling salted water (sometimes life is too short for exact absorbtion methods!). Drain well and tip into a bowl and stir in the rest of the ingredinets. season and eat!