September 2015

Kicking off with the most awesome wedding ever, September was a fabulous month!

This was the wedding of my dearest friends Cat and Alex, she of the Cornish hen! The happiest and most wonderful of days. I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid AND be the wedding cake maker. A four tiered naked chocolate extravaganza topped with dinosaurs! Thank god the cake didn't go for a Burton this time and stayed firmly in place on its board! Despite many small (and not so small hands) trying to steal bites of cake and icing as I worked the finished cake was pretty awesome! 

Closely following, hot on its heels, came the hen of the lady who's wedding will also be a top runner for best wedding ever. The lovely Laura, photographer extraordinare. We brunched and yoga-ed and lavished ourselves in outlandish floral creations before hitting the karaoke hard! Such a wonderful day and now so excited for the wedding where I am, again, The Cake lady! 

Worky wise we shot the beautiful Pizarro book, five days of the most wonderful, simple pared back shots full of light and life and incredible ingredients. I am so proud of this one! Like all my babies!