Sunday Brunch - Kiki crumpet

This post is dedicated to my wonderful friends Lars and Liv without who The Kiki would never have come into my life. 

Kiki on her 95th birthday being honoured by her home town.

Kiki on her 95th birthday being honoured by her home town.

The Kiki sandwich was invented by Lars' wonderful Swedish granny, who is something of a legend in her home town, and was introduced to me at University when I shared a flat with Liv and, by extension, her boyfriend Lars. Many a hungover morning was salvaged and near corpses restored to some kind of normality by the powers of the Kiki sandwich. Such was the legendary status of this breakfast of champions that every friend of mine from University knew of The Kiki, even if they hadn't been lucky enough to have had one made for them by Lars, who would deliver them to you as you huddled under a blanket on the sofa barely able to move.

You can imagine many years later, at Liv and Lars' amazing wedding, when we all got to meet the infamous Kiki. Now in her 90's, she was more than a little shocked and confused as a long line of people queued up to meet her and all of them informed her of the miracle qualities of her sandwich invention, which she had absolutely no idea had even made the journey from Sweden and into our lives. 

I am not particularly overhung this morning but I have a craving for a Kiki sandwich and nothing else will do. I lack the bread that would make it a true Kiki, so it means it is taking on a slightly altered guise as a Kiki crumpet!

Kiki Crumpet

makes 1 Kiki

2-3 rashers of streaky bacon

1  crumpet

butter to spread

grainy mustard to spread

30g cheddar cheese, thinly sliced

2tbsp olive oil

1 free range egg

Grill the bacon until golden and crisp and toast the crumpet until lovely and golden. Butter your crumpet and spread with grainy mustard and top with the cheese and bacon.

Meanwhile, heat the oil in a small frying pan and fry your egg. Remove with a slotted spoon and put on the top of your bacon and cheese laden crumpet. Season with salt and pepper and devour with gusto.