did someone say boiled peanuts??

Good God... How have I never tried these before? If there is snack heaven then this, surely, is it. How can something that sounds so simple, boring even, be so very delicious and addictive. Picture a styro-foam cup, filled with hot peanuts, just scooped from the pot from where they have been gently boiled in a salty cooking liquour until they are soft and creamy with the consistency of a cooked butter bean but all the flavour of the most peanutty peanut you have ever eaten.

The plain ones are amazing, the Cajun spiced ones are even better. This is going on my list of things I have to try and recreate at home - though i think you ideally need fresh green peanuts, which i'm doubtful I will find back home, but I will give it a go with the dried variety and let you know! If anyone hears of a green peanut making its way to markets of south London please do let me know!